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  • Description: A torque washer has a square hole and outer prongs that prevent its accompanying bolt from spinning while a fastening a nut. Application: Used with a carriage bolt for woodworking projects. C-WASHER: Description: A C-washer resembles a flat washer, but it has a slot cut from the center hole to form a "C" shape.
  • 3 0g84420217 2 bolt, flange 4 0j35220166 1 seal, oil 6 0g84420112 1 alert unit, oil item part no. qty. description 9 0j35220111 2 bolt, drain plug 11 0j35220164 2 washer, drain plug 12 0g84420194 1 bolt, flange crankcase
  • ARP Pontiac Crankshaft Bolt and Washer. As the crankshaft flexes, the damper absorbs incredible amounts of energy. These damper bolt kits from ARP will ensure that your balancer is locked into position. They feature a 1/4 in. thick wide-area washer and an extra tall 12-point head that accepts a deep socket to eliminate the fear of stripping the ...
  • If the threads of the bolts are stripped and you are unable to remove them, use a hack saw to cut the bolts loose. You also need to disconnect the water pipe that is attached to the toilet in order to remove it from the floor. Step 4 - Remove the Toilet. With the toilet bolts removed you should be able to lift it free and away from the floor.
  • bolts (not included) vertically aligned 71⁄2 " apart on opposing surfaces (between the Stationary Base and Glider Seat Legs). 2. Mount Glide Brackets on Stationary Base as shown using 1/4"-20 bolts, nuts and washers (not included). 3. Attach Glider Seat Legs to glider brackets as shown using 1/4"-20 bolts, nuts and washers (not included).
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  • I have made this video to show the process of bolt nut manufacturing.Take a quick tour of our shop and follow an order of large anchor bolts through the manu...
    Thread Length is constant for each bolt diameter. It is calculated to be enough for one AN960 flat washer under the head, a full-height AN365 or AN310 nut, and one AN960 flat washer under the nut. Grip lengths are in 1/8" increments. AN960 washers are 1/16" thick (1/32" thick for the L version).
    Standard U-bolts are often used to attach pipes or tubes to flat surfaces, while square-shaped U-bolts are used to fasten lumber. If your project requires fastening wood and metal components together, hanger bolts and dowel screws feature different threads on each side to provide a strong, secure connection.
  • Diagram Ref. # Part Description 780 blower idler bracket 780 alternator bracket 3/8"-16 X 7" bolt 3/8"-16 X 3" bolt 3/81-16 X 1 1/2" bolt 3/8" flat washer 3/8"-16 nut P/N 8-780 Qty. Drill 3/8" hole in appropriate location 25/64" ID X 3/4" OD X 5.625" spacer 25/64" ID X 3/4" OD X 3.625" spacer 25/64" ID X 7/8" OD X I .375" spacer
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    Download the manual for model LG WM3270CW washer. Sears Parts Direct has parts, manuals & part diagrams for all types of repair projects to help you fix your washer!
  • Spider Bolt 4011FA4353E / AP5239519 made by LG. My Repair & Advice Featured Story. My first step after realizing the loud noise came from the main bearing of our LG washer was to order the necessary parts for the repair that A.P.P. recommends.
    May 29, 2008 · i know this is a strange thing to ask about on the forum but does anyone know for sure how bolt,nuts and washer sizes are worked out? eg.M6,M12,M16.etc does it go by the diameter of the bolt shaft or the size of the head or the length of the bolt? and will an M12 nut and washer fit an M12 bolt?
    All four bolts are the same length, but the bolts at the radiator support (not changed here) are different. I also got four new lower washers from GM (part no. 14027472). Also shown to the left are four new shims from LMC Truck (part no. 30-2830) which I did not end up using because they were made in Taiwan.
  • Wedge-locking washers work in sets of two, with each washer having opposite facing wedges that interact with each other and with the joint and nut surfaces to prevent self-turning of the bolt. The wedges are designed to add tension (stretch) to the bolted joint if the bolt begins turning due to vibration or shock, preventing a loss of clamp force.
    Lock washers, for example, help prevent accidental loosening of the bolt. Nuts are threaded onto the bolt to tighten the connection and, like washers, come in a variety of types for a variety of applications. Step 1 Determine the correct size and type of bolt, nut and washer for your application. This will depend on the type of connection being ...
    Anchor Bolts, Bolts & Nuts, Fasteners Building Components – Bolts, Fasteners and Anchor Rods. CanAm Steel Building Corporation offers a wide selection of heavy hex bolts, thin-head bolts, nuts, and washers in plain, zinc plated and galvanized finish.
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    It is always a good idea to replace prop nuts and tab washers when replacing a prop. Nyloc nuts (nuts with a nylon insert) are ideal for prop installations. They stand up to extreme conditions and resist vibration to secure the prop. In repeated use, the nylon will break down and lose the ability lock the nut in place.

Measuring Diagrams How to Measure Correctly ... TRANSMISSION Auto/Man • SPINDLE NUTS, WASHERS, ... 8510 PINION NUT and WASHER Set fits GM 9.5 inch 14 BOLT REAR. Mcgraw hill ryerson mathematics 10 solutions manual